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Hellscapes Prints on Society6

That's a catchy enough headline right? Hellscape Prints on Society6.

Taking a break from my mainstay of digital graphic design for today.

Over the course of the UK National Lockdown's and localised lockdowns, Nando's spicy levels, and multiple tier systems introduced all throughout 2020... well I was looking for an additional creative hobby.

I'd been working my graphic designs skills digitally and, despite hating mess, I had a hankering to try out something with actual acrylics.

An entry point that looked fun and appealing to me was acrylic pouring. It first popped up on my radar after seeing YouTubers like Jenna Marbles and Safiya Nygaard in their own attempts, and in October 2020 decided screw it, let's order in an acrylic painting set for beginners from Hobbycraft and give it a go.

I don't think my first attempt went too badly, and after a few more goes on the thin boards in my set, stepped it up to canvas. Well in the last 3 months I'd managed to make a baker's dozen that I personally think look quite nice! A lot of them exploring hell-ish colour schemes and trying to create as interesting a hellscape as I can given the chaotic nature of pouring techniques.

Here's one I call Soul Escaped

And another dubbed Hellmouth

Let me know what you think of them! And if you like them consider buying yourself a fancy art print off my Society6 shop!

Until next time, take it easy, mate.

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