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Album Artwork Design - Aly Frank - Suiciety

Aly's cover for Suiciety was my first foray into graphic design in the music sphere. Before that it was graphical odd jobs here and there for logos, leaflets, banners. This is where I had that spark in my head of "Wow!" taking the sound of a song and trying to convert that visually.

Right from the off Aly had the themes clear. The cover art had to relate the idea of pressure people experience from the impossible standards set by a society that puts too much weight on from social media.

That it distorts us from being people, looking only at a surface level of what we are.

"Let's show the world that we're okay, let's show them that we're still human."

With the song on repeat (customary when I work!), I went through initial ideas. The social media aspect had to be conveyed, but I wanted to avoid using company-specific logos as a) it would likely be mis-use of said company logos from their own brand guides, and who wants to get an artist involved in any troublesome matters, and b) I wanted it to be general enough that it wouldn't be stuck in a fixed moment in time, because the message of the song is about the usage of social media, rather than individual platforms which come and go. After all the problem is not necessarily the companies but how society uses them.

Enter the hashtag symbol. The photographer and Aly had a great shot to work with of her grabbing on to a chain-link fence, meaning all that it needed was an effective highlight over the hand that could be most visually grasping the symbol itself.

Blue colour overlay was the clear choice given the sombre tone of the track.

As far as the text, well, I had just learned how to mask in Illustrator at that point so I was all over the idea of wrapping the text around the fence.

After this initial concept to Aly, we fed back through a few things. We wanted the social hashtag element stronger and so rotating and focusing in on just her hand was the biggest change. We dropped the text-wrapping element and went with something bolder and stronger. With the final cover artwork being...

You can find Aly on Instagram, at AlyFrankMusic, and Spotify, linked above.

If you're looking for a graphic designer, my services are available and you can get in touch with me directly on my website or my own Instagram at JBCoverArt.

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